It is already known that learning English is essential to excel in the job market, or even to get a good placement. According to a survey by the website, fluency in the language guarantees a salary up to 61% higher and the company also states that only 11% of some countries’ people can communicate in English without difficulty.

In a more extreme view the world seems to move towards  isolationism the language for communication seems to go the opposite way. According to The Economist, English is currently used like no other language before. Moreover, The Wall Street Journal highlights that the number of people speaking the same language is increasing and younger people are looking for a standard language because it is useful in the information world and global society.

In times of unemployment, this becomes all the more important because not all sectors are doing well and the careers that promise more jobs in 2017 have something in common: the need to master the English language. Highlight for 10 of them 


The area is on several lists as one of the most hired in the coming years and English is key to career growth, and much of the content produced on the subject is in that language. The monthly salary of this placement varies from R $ 1,500 to R $ 40,000, according to Robert Half Consulting.


Globalization requires administrative professionals who speak English, to facilitate negotiations with foreign companies and suppliers, for example. According to the National Board of Administration (CNA), the remuneration of an administrator ranges from R $ 3 thousand to R $ 6 thousand. 


Another growth sector recently, the marketing area is one of the most pointing to the need to master the language. In this area, the salary ranges from R $ 1.2 thousand to R $ 12 thousand, according to the survey of the website. 


The number of foreign tourists coming to Brazil has grown in recent years, after major events have brought greater international visibility to the country. To meet this demand, the market lacks tourism professionals who speak English. Beginning professionals the pay range is from R $ 2.5 thousand, but over the course of their career it is possible to receive up to R $ 17 thousand, according to team JobsMania.Pk. 


Brazil is a major exporter of agricultural products, and many companies here also carry out import transactions with international suppliers, to work in the area of ​​foreign trade, English is basic requirement. In this area, at the beginning of the journey it is possible to receive from R $ 2 to 5 thousand. 


According to the survey of Wyser, a company specialized in recruitment and selection, the sector has registered growth even in times of crisis and anyone with this ability should excel and grow in the career. According to Robert Half Consulting, the remuneration of this area ranges from R $ 2.5 to R $ 20 thousand. 


Today, companies know the importance of having a good image in their social networks and seek professionals to assist them in this process. This is one of the areas where speaking English is mandatory. The salary of the 21st century profession ranges from R $ 1,500 to R $ 3,000 at the beginning of the career, according to the Brandi salary survey. 


As an area that makes a lot of contact with international companies, the engineering market has been searching for professionals with full command of English. Recent research conducted by Payscale International Consulting, the engineer can receive an average of R $ 1,500 in the stage and up to R $ 18 thousand per month, in charge of the board of directors. 


One of the skills required for anyone working in the web and application development industry is fluency in English. In this area, the salary ranges from R $ 1.2 thousand to R $ 14 thousand, according to research by Robert Half Consulting.


The very name of this career indicates that in order to be placed in the area the professional must have a command of the English language. The professional begins the journey with a remuneration of R $ 1.2 thousand and at the peak of the career can reach up to R $ 20 thousand.