The uncertainties of the world economy directly affect the labor market. Not only the people who lose their jobs, but also those who occupy a vacancy. In all sectors the climate is increasingly competitive and sometimes even hostile. “It is necessary to achieve goals and stand out. This does not mean that life needs to turn into a martyrdom. It is possible to face the challenges and the pressures with happiness “, highlights the coach of Effecta Coaching, Janaina Manfredini. Want to know how? Write down the expert’s tips.

1. Work for a cause:

Know the value your job has for your organization. It is common to find people who do not realize the importance of what they do. “Well, if it was not important for the final result, believe me, you would not be there,” says Janaina, who exemplifies it. “In a hospital the role of the doctor is very important. What would the outcome be without the nurse’s job? Or without the support of those who guarantee the sterilization and cleaning of every corner of the hospital? And so it is in all organizations. Each employee is important and fundamental for the results to be achieved. Keep in mind always the importance of what you do. ”

2. Be truly involved with the purpose of the organization:

understand what that purpose is and care about it. “It is necessary to put ourselves in the place of the leaders, to participate in the evolutionary talks and the solutions. Be available to contribute with what is needed and possible. This will make you feel happier with every little or great achievement.

3. Evaluate your performance:

how would you rate your work if you were your leader, your peer, your lead, your customer, your supplier? Think about it. Also pay attention to the feedback you receive, whether formal or otherwise. They can also be a way to gauge how your performance is doing. Good professionals are always watching every opportunity for improvement. And many tips can come from people who live with you. Being aware of your performance will make you more confident and consequently happier.

4. Collaborate with people:

in your industry or in different sectors. “Be participative, cultivate good relationships, treat everyone with respect, tolerate differences, understand that people are different, they act differently, they learn differently, they each have their own time, their way, and their beliefs. Always remember: different is not better or worse. It’s just different, “says the Effect Coaching coach. Helping also brings the feeling of happiness, you know?

5. “Reapply yourself” daily:

For yourself, for what you do, for the people around you, for your organization. After all, nothing is perfect and everything can always improve. Just focus on what is positive. “Rejoicing is the act of looking at what is good and remembering why you do what you do, where you do it. You have to bring all the positive to the mind so that you have the strength to contribute to the improvement of everything. Going back to work every day makes all the difference to being really happy professionally, “explains Janaina Manfredini.