The Home Office Brazil 2016 survey, released in May of this year, indicated that 68% of Brazilian companies already have some level of remote work, and that number is rapidly increasing. Compared with the same survey conducted in 2014, there was a 50% increase in the number of companies adopting the practice.

Added to this is the large number of people who are undertaking or working as freelancers – often leaving a traditional job – moving to work in their own homes, relying on the convenience of being in the comfort of home, avoiding traffic – which Can play more than two hours a day – and even increase productivity.

But does productivity really increase when we do home office? This is a problem faced by many people who change routinely and who are not accustomed to working remotely, quite different from the daily business.

That’s why we’ve listed some useful and practical tips to ensure productivity in the home office and not let any entrepreneur discourage!

Create a work-focused environment

The first step that should be taken by those planning to do home office – or even by those who already work from home – is to create a totally work-oriented environment. Ideally, you should book a room specifically for this – especially if you live with family – because the isolated environment helps avoid distractions.
If you live in a small apartment, a viable option is to turn part of the room or bedroom into a small office, suitably equipped to meet your professional needs. In this case, be sure to keep the television turned off.

Tip: Invest in a suitable furniture for the job, after all, you will spend a large part of the day at this workstation.

Establish a routine

You do not have time to get in, out of work, you do not have to worry about the car, it leaves you free to work any time you want, right? Wrong! This is a very common mistake, committed by those who want to make the most of their time at home, after dedicating themselves for years to life in the offices.

If you make this mistake, you will soon realize that your income will not be the best. The solution is to establish a routine with schedules and tasks that are consistent with reality. Of course you will have more flexibility – you can go to the gym in the middle of the day, for example – as long as the breaks do not become constant.

Tip: Try getting dressed for work every day after breakfast. This will help you “get into the mood” and get better at your tasks.

Keep files accessible

This tip is especially essential if you provide services remotely to an agency or company. To facilitate the exchange of information and editing of common documents, such as reports, spreadsheets and texts.

A good tip is to save all documents used in your day to day workbooks in Evernote, which can be named according to clients, projects or partners. With Evernote features, you and your team can include comments on PDFs, edit tables and text , and search for information in Office documents, PDFs, and images.

Tip: We recently announced the seamless integration of Evernote with Google Drive , allowing you to edit documents saved to the drive without leaving Evernote.

Use communication tools

In addition to the telephone, it is important to be available to coworkers, customers, and vendors in virtual messaging media. One of these options is Evernote Work Chat itself, where you can enter comments about shared documents.

Other apps like Slack and Google Hangout are also options for smoother communication with all your interfaces.

How to better manage your time?

Setting priorities, organizing the workstation, creating a schedule, and taking short breaks throughout the day are steps that help you increase your productivity and make the most of your time.