That trust is something critical for customers to decide to buy from your store you already know, right? But have you stopped to look at your company’s credibility level internally? It is not only in the relationship with your outside audience that this is a crucial issue.  You also need to know how to gain the trust of the store staff so that the professionals can be more motivated and more efficient.

Also, just as customers are loyal to a brand when they trust it, when employees have more trust in the company, they are also more loyal. According to  a Hay Group study , the factor that has the most impact on employee retention is trust in the company.

Gain team confidenceWilliam Vanderbloemen, CEO of a research organization that helps executives find talent, lists some common aspects of highly confident teams.

Here’s what these attributes are, identify if this happens in your business, and understand how you can improve these aspects to build trust in your store:

5 key factors to gaining team confidence

1 – Errors are allowed

Gain team confidenceThere are teams who believe that failure is not an option, that it should be avoided like a plague. The mistake, in this scenario, is seen as a synonym for dismissal. Working in such a team is not at all healthy. After all, making mistakes is human, is not it?

” If team members are afraid of making mistakes, then they do not have confidence ,” Vanderbloemen explains, noting that when failure is allowed, people become less fearful, that is, more confident, and consequently will To err less .

2 – Employees are self-manageable

Gain team confidenceA team that relies on the company in which they work takes care of their own work. Each one is responsible for its function and performs very well. As a leader, at the beginning of the process you need to define what needs to be done and what you expect from each then you must trust that it will be done.

Today, most people in the job market are millennial- generation and, according to Vanderbloemen, to gain the confidence of the team and get the best performance from these professionals, it is important to delegate tasks so that they perform independently.

3 – It is not every time that the leader will hear “yes”

Gain team confidenceThe manager who surrounds himself with people who just agree with his opinion does not have a reliable staff. It’s impossible to please everyone ever! If you are open to hearing any idea that is different from yours, everyone wins.

By accepting criticisms and suggestions, the manager gains a new perspective on the tasks. Or, when the leader can explain in a simple and clear way to a collaborator why a certain action can not be performed in the company, he creates a channel for the collaborator to have more confidence to share new ideas, even if not all are accepted .

4 – Constant and constructive feedback

Gain team confidenceOne of the main reasons for employees’ demotivation is the lack of feedback – they do not know how their work is and what kind of improvements they need to make. The feedback is not to be a dreaded conversation, which the employee leaves frustrated, but rather the moment when the leader can look at the employee’s eyes and to list their strengths and what he needs to improve .

In this way, the professional is motivated and willing to lapse his professional life. And the company, in addition to winning the trust of the team, also gains by having more motivated people who are doing their best in their functions, increasing their productivity and efficiency.

5 – People laugh together

Gain team confidenceDo you know that high-control work environment where people are constantly anxious and they exchange few words? It is not possible to describe it as conducive to trust!

When everyone feels comfortable to laugh with the leader and colleagues have a good level of confidence, this is worth more than gifts or perks, there is no money to buy.