Meanwhile, every marketer is aware of the power of video, but with the constantly changing social media platforms, it’s still difficult to implement all new developments in your existing marketing strategy. We see this mainly in the still slim use of live videos, both on Instagram and Facebook.

People randomly put this tool in without proper strategy or plan of action. It is being used by many to capture an event or event. But with real-time videos, you can pursue a higher goal. Especially Facebook Live can be used as more than a reporting tool and act as an effective marketing tool for your business.

Why Facebook Live?

Figures from Facebook show that livestreaming appeal to viewers. Compared to regular video, live content is watched three times longer . People also respond to live videos faster, and 1 out of 5 Facebook users are watching a live stream. Interestingly, people are more involved in live videos than previously recorded and postpone. This makes a live video an attractive tool within a campaign and one that is still heavily underestimated by marketers. According to a survey by Cisco , the livestreaming of videos will only increase on mobile devices.

The use of Facebook Live has the advantage that all viewers are registered. This means that Facebook has a lot of data and information about the viewing behavior, which is interesting for advertisers. In addition, in his algorithm, Facebook prefer living streams. This will automatically cause more people to see your live video than when you post a normal post. A great way for more organic reach via Facebook.

Types of live videos

There are many ways to make live videos for your brand, but we’ve got the most common ones. Live video is a great way to get in touch with your customers and even have a real conversation. For example, you can give people a look at the screen, keep a question hour or share a training or event.

1. News

What do your followers find interesting information? What is the latest news in your industry? Sign up for the news if you think it’s an expert to say something about it. If you own a hairdressing salon, you can discuss the latest trends, for example. Are you working in the construction industry and there is a change of laws, discuss this in your live video and let people ask you questions as an expert immediately. In addition, you can jump in if there is live news that your company or organization has a problem with. 

2. Q & A

One of the best ways to stimulate interaction with your customers is to organize a live Q & A. Control yourself an interesting guest or expert from your own company where you can ask questions. 

3. Events

Of course, Facebook Live is the best place to stream your events. This means not only concerts or festivals, but simply a conference or lecture. Also, make sure that someone is available to respond live to the comments under the video or straight in the camera, otherwise it will simply be a registration and will not interfere with the livestream. Streaming a concert, it’s always useful to hire a solid presenter for this. 

4. Behind-the-scenes

Perhaps the most popular type of social content: behind-the-scenes. Let people see what’s going on behind the scenes within your company. This can really be anything and of course it is very much the kind of company. If you are a restaurant then you can, for example, make a back-the-scenes video of an evening in the kitchen. If you’re a big brand, you’re going to live during a photo shoot for the new collection or during the launch party. 

5. Tips and how-to’s

YouTube is full of tips, tricks, how’s, demonstrations, and so on. But, of course, this can just be alive. It requires some preparation and preferably a script that has been practiced beforehand. It is, of course, much more fun to make a meal for example, or show a demonstration of your new booking system and ask your viewers to find out what they think of and answer their questions.

Live video revolves around interaction. So be creative and compassionate content so you can engage your viewer with your video. A static video of an event can be placed as well afterwards. Create content that gives your viewers the feeling they are there.

Facebook Live Tips & Tricks

To use Facebook Live as an effective marketing tool, we’ve listed some tips.

1. Be prepared

We start with the most important point. In order to keep a livestream interesting, it is important that a plan is made for what will be filmed during the stream. It’s live, so it can not be of course again. Eventing an event must also be prepared because of course you want to show all aspects and take more camera positions. A live stream from a static point is no more than a webcam and creates little interaction with the viewer. In addition, it’s good to determine in advance how long your live stream will last so people know what to expect.

By streaming longer, up to 30 minutes, you reach more people. As a result, the likes and reactions in the timeline of the viewers’ friends get you a domino effect. Facebook also needs the time to report to everyone in your network that your live stream has begun. You want to prevent people from encountering your live video when it’s over. So try to prepare a live stream of at least 10 minutes.

Not sure how to extract your live stream? Then Facebook gives you the option to practice. When you indicate who your posts can see, you choose ‘only me’. Then you can turn on the livestream, save it and look back at how it is perceived. You may need to adjust the background or make the light and the audio harder. Practice makes perfect!

2. Promote

Always announce the broadcast so that people can keep in mind and attract more viewers. Do this for example 24 hours in advance and another one hour in advance. If you make it too long for the live broadcast, people have forgotten. Promote the broadcast not only on Facebook, but also on all your other social media, such as your website or newsletter. Choose a broadcast time that you think you can draw as many viewers as possible. So do you stream on weekends or during normal working days?

3. Create a connection

Make sure that you have a good connection. If the connection is too weak, you’re likely to stop broadcasting halfway or you can not start it at all. WiFi is the most ideal, but a strong 4G connection can also work well. Always check your internet speed to make sure that you are not surprised at the halfway point.

4. Add a description

Before you press the ‘LIVE’ button, you can give the video a further description. Adding a catchy text here makes sure you draw the attention of potential viewers and give a brief summary of what they see in this live stream. Chances are your stream will end on pages of people who do not know your brand. Also, take these people over to watch. And do not forget to tag your location to get your live stream on the Facebook Live Map .

5. Interaction

Start by greeting your viewers. It will probably take a while for you to get a response because everyone just gets the message that the broadcast has begun. At the beginning of the video, take a good look at what the broadcast is about. Always ask if you want to register for your live videos. This will ensure that there are more people who receive a notification of your video next time.

Then you start with the real content of your broadcast. Make sure that you frequently respond to questions or comments coming in and name the people by name during the live event. If you see that you answer the questions, others will be more likely to ask a question as well. Is there no question asked? Just scroll back to a question you’ve skipped before. And, of course, ask your viewers at the end of the broadcast to resemble your page and sign up for your live videos.

After your broadcast, your video will be posted on your timeline. People can still respond to the video. Therefore, take the time to respond to these questions and comments at a later date.

6. Parts

To attract more viewers to your stream, but also to make them return more often, we recommend deleting something during your live broadcast. You can choose to give away a specific product or perhaps a personal workshop. They are taking this opportunity if they share your stream. If they share your stream, your audience will grow even further from one hundred views to thousands of views.

Start today!

The best tip we can give you is: start today. Go straight to the best way for your brand to use Facebook Live as a marketing tool. Do not be afraid to try out new things. Live events are not always scheduled, but every time you do it, you’ll get new insights to better deal with your audience. The data provided by Facebook after a broadcast will give you more insight into your audience and their viewing behavior. Time to schedule a new Facebook Live event with this new information!