Social media is an excellent channel to strengthen your brand and improve your relationship with the public. Going beyond these platforms can also help you improve your bottom line. In this article you will discover how to use Facebook to sell more and will understand the advantages of using the tools of this social network in your marketing actions.Follow us!

6 Tips on Using Facebook to Sell More

How to use Facebook to sell moreIn recent years, Facebook has launched several tools that help companies to have a close relationship with their customers, with the possibility of sponsoring posts and increasingly segment their audience to reach exactly who you want.

In this sense, it is important to have a plan to publish so that this investment effectively strengthens your brand and increases the engagement of your customers.

1 – Create coupons and promotions

How to use Facebook to sell moreCustomers love a discount, do not they? For this reason, creating coupons and promotions through social networks is an interesting way to gain strength in these channels. Want to see an example?

Imagine that your store will do a promotion for the end of winter. Instead of publicizing the settlement on television or through a billboard, actions that have high cost, you can generate a coupon by Facebook, posting an image that gives the right to discount for those who present the coupon on the screen of the cell phone when you are in the store .

Publicize the post in an ad, investing a value according to the period you want and within the radius closest to your store and increase the chances of reaching the right audience.

In fact, this is one of the great advantages that Facebook offers for companies : investing less than a “traditional” media, with greater control of the public and region in which this ad will appear, with the possibility of increasing or decreasing the Investment in the middle of the campaign.

2 – Make cultural contests

How to use Facebook to sell moreCreating cultural contests is a great example of how to use Facebook to sell more and increase public engagement. After all, if you have something that people like more than discount, it’s about winning freebies!

Example of a cultural contest in this sense:

On Mother’s Day you can invite people who like your page to send a photo, video or tribute to the mother, stating that the most tanned publication will get a gift.

In addition to moving the page with the participation of more users, mother and child will have an effective and very positive relationship with your store.

3 – Create events through Facebook

How to use Facebook to sell moreThe key to knowing how to use Facebook to sell more is to understand how the tools in that network can be integrated into your business actions. The ” Facebook Event ” functionality, for example, is a great way to advertise your store’s special events.

When creating an event to advertise a weekend megaliquidation, for example, you can include information such as store address, opening hours and announce which products will be on sale.

Invite everyone who likes your page to this settlement and encourage your employees to invite their friends to this event.

On promotion day, be sure to move the event page including important information – such as the products that are running out – and make a live broadcast to showcase the great drive in the store.  

4 – Tell your customers about new products

How to use Facebook to sell moreEnjoy proximity to your audience on this platform to pass information first hand. One way to do this is by creating one post per week talking about the products that came to the store.

It may be a new appliance that is being sought out by consumers, a newer smartphone model with innovative features or a product that has just hit the market.

So, customers who already want that item will consider visiting your store to see it in person. Or, if your business has an  online sales channel , the Facebook post can direct customers to your e-commerce.

5 – Show that your store is made of people!

How to use Facebook to sell moreA report by Headstream, a content marketing company, found that 80% of consumers want to hear brand stories, and most consumers believe that these stories should have a touch of humor .

In this sense, it is important to maintain a correct but informal language, approaching consumers. For example, comment on how cold it is (you can even use emoticons for it) and then tell the customer that you can find heaters in your store that will help him stay warmer this winter.

From time to time, you can also post a photo of any team from the lively store, showing a promotion, a new uniform or all with Santa Claus cap prepared for Christmas, for example.

This type of action humanizes the consumer relationship with your brand, showing that your store is welcoming.

6 – Answer the messages you receive

How to use Facebook to sell moreWhen you create an interesting and interactive page, many people will feel comfortable contacting your brand by private message. It is important to always have someone responsible for responding to these messages, because customers will certainly write, wanting to ask questions, make complaints, etc.

Knowing how to use Facebook to sell more is not just about publishing content, it is also important to interact and respond to customers as fast as possible! Communication in social media should work as a conversation. So, do not let your customer talk to you alone!

Final tip:

How to use Facebook to sell moreFor Andrea Vahl, one of the biggest mistakes retailers make on Facebook is not making enough posts, posting only once a week or even less. But that does not mean you need to publish all the time! Andrea suggests that once a day is ideal .

” And you do not always have to create   new content . You can reuse some old materials by changing the call or giving a different angle to that information, “he advises.

According to the expert, if Facebook is part of your marketing strategy, ” you need to be unique, stand out differently from a different angle .”

What are the strategies that your store adopts social media? Do you have any questions or suggestions about using Facebook to sell more? Leave a comment with your question or opinion. So we’ll know which topics can help you use the online tools to win more customers and strengthen your business image on the web.

Success and good sales!