We are talking about your passport to success, your trophy room, your professional background: the resume. If it can be considered as being so important, it is even more important that you structure it well so that it is attractive in the eyes of the contractor.

We at the Jobsmania.pk have prepared a “handbook” for you to structure a good Curriculum Vitae and have good results in your job interview.


In some situations, you may be discarded in this first part, either by age, or by not living near the place of business. Despite this, I do not even have to say that you should not lie about your information, right?

Another important thing: do you know that email you created in elementary or middle school and that usually has nicknames or other things that were funny at the time? If you want to be hired do not put it in the body of the resume. If necessary create a new email only for contact with companies and other more serious matters, so that your possible contractor does not have to analyze the proposal of “cat 95”.


This area occupies only a small part of your resume, and varies depending on the vacancy you wish to occupy. The way you write is at your discretion, just do not spend too many lines, be extremely objective in saying what your goal is.


If you already have previous experiences in the same area where you want to work, great! This is a positive factor that weighs heavily on curriculum evaluation. Leave only basic information such as company name, date of admission and dismissal and key functions. The ideal is to cite at most the last three companies in which he acted.


Some people cite all the colleges you’ve studied since elementary school, but this is totally unnecessary. If you are going to apply for a placement for the college you are attending, you should only post the graduation related information in question. If you have just completed high school and have not started any college, and for the desired vacancy it is not necessary that you have done so, just enter the last institution you studied in.


In some curriculum models, these two items are separate. But to give a compact in the document (That’s what pleases the contractors), an interesting option is to put all courses and complementary training, whether linked to language study, or related to computing in just one topic.


If you think that more information about yourself and your job market is important to hiring, or that the company has a differentiated profile, and looking for that in your potential future employees, add them, but take it easy. Always try to be humble, and as clear and conclusive as possible.


If you still need help, even with these tips, you can check out three simple resume templates here , or get inspired with creative resume template just below.