The beginning of the career is always marked by a series of doubts, and deciding carefully and with all the necessary information at hand is essential to having a successful professional trajectory. A common confusion in this step is to mix the terms stage and trainee , as if they are synonyms. In reality, they are different opportunities, and their differences should be considered when deciding whether or not to accept a vacancy.


The internship is a step more focused on teaching, for the formation of a student of higher education. In this way, the priority is to give practical experience of the market so that the future professional can familiarize, but always with focus on the training.

Thus, the internship must occupy a maximum of 6 hours per day in order to allow the studies, and the contract can last for a maximum of 2 years. Mandatory, the trainee must be enrolled in a higher education degree related to the work he will perform.

In addition, because it is a teaching job, there is no strict labor relationship – that is, the trainee does not have a “formal contract”, despite being able to receive remuneration and enjoy the holidays.

The trainee is a program offered by some companies to professionals early in their careers, – in general, formed recently – that will make your path within that corporation. Thus, during the trainee program , the professional will receive specific training to act within that structure.

In this way, each company defines its trainee program according to its needs, and can have varying durations.

It is worth mentioning that the trainee is effectively an employee of the company, having his portfolio signed and working eight hours daily. In general, to train the trainee, he works in different areas of the company to understand its operation as a whole.

For these reasons, trainees are generally better paid than trainees, and are entitled to all labor rights .


Internship and trainee


When choosing between internship and trainee, it is necessary to consider the goals that the professional has with that position.

When we choose an internship, the search is for the construction of the professional experience, with its eventual unfolding in terms of training. In spite of creating a bond with the company, the internship is not a guarantee of effectiveness, and should be seen first and foremost as a learning opportunity.

On the other hand, the trainee is for those who would like to build their career within that particular company, and are prepared for a period of intense work and training. Thus, this type of opportunity is not suitable for those who feel they are still “discovering” professionally, and who would like to experience different forms of professional activity.

In the same way, it is necessary to consider the academic situation and the amount of energy that can be dedicated to the job. Some trainee programs accept enrollments from undergraduate seniors; It must be taken into account, however, that there will be no free time for studies and dedication to the completion of the course. This reality must be evaluated in the choice.

It should also be noted that trainee programs exist only in some companies, especially multinational ones, and in only specific market niches, such as Administration and Engineering. In this way, not everyone can choose between trainee and internship vacancies, since the latter option does not even exist in many options.

Thus, it is worth researching the opportunities that exist in your field, and which requirements are required by each mode of vacancy. In this way, it will be possible to make a more conscious decision and taking into account professional goals.