I want to start as an entrepreneur, but how do I actually start my business?

Now that my company’s name is known, at least for me, a number of steps will take effect.

 Start and get regulated

The rule of a starting entrepreneur, in addition to doing business what you really want to do, takes a lot of time. It is therefore important to take enough time.

Alternatively, you can enable entrepreneurial coaches as a resource through the Chamber of Commerce or local authorities. Wise tip from an experienced colleague entrepreneur whom I would like to take heartily.

  • Write business plan according to the KvK manual.
  • Explore the market and determine the strategy.
  • Make a financial plan and see if you need financing.
  • Consider a company name and a legal form.
  • Make sure your administration meets the requirements. So … search for an administrative office and find … for doing the annual work and income tax.
  • Found it; Check!
  • Set up terms and conditions and see if your company meets all requirements (if applicable, of course).
  • Sign up for the Chamber of Commerce. November 2012; Check!
  • Here you will immediately get all kinds of information about what you will face as a starting entrepreneur. Useful!
  • Sign up tax service, ehm has to do that (gadget), this settles the Chamber of Commerce for me. Easier they can not make it.
  • Look for customers and make a plan for the future.

Now it’s only going to start really.

After all this “edge injury” as I mention it is, it’s time to really do business. Pff that does not matter. I can think of it all, but do it all by yourself to get it 0 from the ground.

Sometimes I feel the feeling … If I had stayed in a wage, it was much easier. 
Just working from 9 to 5, you’re doing a thing, then you’re done with your work, go home and be free.

As an entrepreneur, you are basically never free, because ideas and ‘to do lists’ pop up all day (and in my case sometimes half-nights) in your mind and make it seem like you are working 24/7 with your company.

It keeps me from the street is an expression I often use against people, but without dolls, 
I really do not want or can give me a job and give up this freedom.

The quarter now falls with this freedom being the responsibility of setting up a company. It does not work without much effort, but I’m going for it.

Next time: How do I get to customers