Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing






















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Sample Paper PVTC                                                                                                                                              1

Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing


Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word, from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.


1.   Ali always seeks              wealth.


A.       from

B.       with

C.        to

D.       for


Each question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by five lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


2.    PAGE: BOOK::


A.       sailors: crew

B.       petal: flower

C.        leaf: stalk

D.       singers: chorus


Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.




A.       general

B.       widespread

C.        diffused

D.       common


Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.


4.    CHANGE:


A.       alter

B.       church

C.        complete

D.       decide

E.        agree








Sample Paper PVTC                                                                                                                                              2

Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing


Read the passage to answer questions 5-6


The vast multitude of stars are wandering about in space. A few form groups which journey in company, but the majority are solitary travelers. And they travel through a universe so spacious that it is an event of almost unimaginable rarity for a star to come anywhere near to another star. For the most part each voyages in splendid isolation, like a ship on an empty ocean. In a scale model in which the stars are ships, the average ship will be well over a million miles from its nearest neighbor, whence it is easy to understand why a ship seldom finds another within hailing distance.


5.    Which of the following is incorrect according to the passage?


A.       Most of the stars travel in isolation

B.       The universe is very large

C.        A star very frequently comes near to another one

D.       A star very rarely comes near to another one

E.        Some stars travel in groups


6.    In the passage the ship” symbolizes:


A.       space

B.       traveler

C.        universe

D.       ocean

E.        star




































Sample Paper PVTC                                                                                                                                              3



Questions 7-10

An editor must choose five articles to be published in the upcoming issue of an arts review. The only articles available for publication are theater articles F, G, H and J, and dance articles K, L, M and O.


At least three of the five published articles must be dance articles. If J is chosen, then M cannot be.

If F is chosen, then J must also be chosen.

7.    If M is not chosen for the issue, which of the following must be chosen?

A.       F

B.       G

C.        H

D.       J

E.        K

8.    How many acceptable groupings of articles include J?

A.       One

B.       Two

C.        Three

D.       Four

E.        Five

9.    The choice of which article makes only one group of articles acceptable?

A.       F

B.       G

C.        J

D.       L

E.        M

10. If G is chosen for the issue, which of the following must be true?

A.       J is not chosen

B.       Exactly three dance articles are chosen

C.        H is not chosen

D.       All four of the dance articles are chosen

E.        F is not chosen

Travelers may enter and remain in the Republic for up to 59 days. If a traveler is to stay for more than seven days, however, a special visa is required.

11. If the statements above are true, which of the following must also be true?

A.       A traveler who is staying in the Republic for 14 days must have a special visa

                          B.       Many travelers who stay in the Republic do not need visas

C.        Some travelers who stay in the Republic for more than seven days do not have the appropriate visas

D.       Travelers who stay less than seven days in the Republic do not need visas

E.        Travelers who merely pass through the Republic while this route to other destinations do not need visas



12. Select the most accurate statement. Value            .


A.       means value for money

B.       is best described as the benefits the business chooses to give to customers through its product/service

C.        is the benefits of a product/service as perceived by the customer

D.       does not offer competitive advantage

E.        is not a key element of competitive strategy


13. Which of the following statements is not correct in respect of the internal auditor?


A.       Primary responsibility of the internal auditor is to the board of directors.

B.       The scope of audits performed by the internal auditor is primarily in respect of financial report audits.

C.        An internal auditor does not require a license to practice.

D.       Internal auditors are usually employed by companies and government units.

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