Release your communication and reach your target audience at last. Do you regularly wonder if your communication with your audience is effective? Think of your website, your newsletter, but also your elevator pitch or business card .Read through quickly. With these 3 tips you will discover yourself if your communication is better.  

I have written the tips in question form and not for nothing. It is your intention to take your communication tools into consideration and ask yourself these 3 questions. Do you answer the questions 1 or more times ‘no’ as an answer? Then it’s time to give your communication a spring break.

Tip 1

Are you targeting your product or service to a specific, clearly defined audience? (Write YES in response). Or did you consciously keep your target audience as wide as you hope to miss a customer and get as much revenue as possible? (Write NO in response).

Explanation: The more focus in your target group, the better you can also tailor your communication message to that specific target audience. This again means that your target audience feels genuine and will hear what you have to offer.

Tip 2

In your communication message, do you especially talk about your target group and the problem (need) that it encounters with? (Write YES in response). Or do you discover that you are talking about your business, yourself as an entrepreneur and your products or services, in your communication message? (Write NO in response).

Explanation:  When you want to draw attention to your target audience (and which entrepreneur does not want it?), 
You need to respond to your need or problem in your communication. Describe and indicate how your product or service can solve this problem / fill in a need. (Talk about benefits for the customer: what’s in it for them).

Tip 3

Do you keep your texts short and powerful and take care of catchy headers? (Write YES in response). 
Or do you find it difficult to write what you want to write, too brief and catchy? Do you always end up with a long piece of text and do not know how to shorten it? (Write NO in response).

Explanation:  Effective communication means clear writing. Brief, clear and convincing. It’s also the art of deleting, leaving the most important message left. Easier said than done…

Now look at your answers, did you write 1 or more NO? Give your communication than a spring refresh. And make your communication tools really effective. Keep an eye on this blog, and 
you’ll get more tips in the coming weeks. You will learn which (often FREE) communication tools you really need as a zzp and how to use them effectively. So no customer passes on your door.

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