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             Building Standards in Educational & Professional Testing





1.      The main unit of computer is


A.        CPU


B.        Input Unit


C.        Memory Unit


D.       Output Unit


2.      The device which provides display to users, is


A.        CPU


B.        TV


C.        Memory Unit


D.       Monitor


3.      Which one of the following is not a valid memory unit


A.        MB


B.        KB


C.        Byte


D.       XB


4.      The most common type of printer is


A.        Scanner


B.        Drum Printer


C.        DotMatrix Printer


D.       Inkjet Printer


5.      The extension .exe represents


A.        Examination files


B.        Extra Files


C.        Executable file


D.       Extension Files


6.      There are              different ways for creating a table in Microsoft access.


A.        2


B.        4


C.        3


D.           5

             Building Standards in Educational & Professional Testing



7.      We can create multi column document in Ms Word


A.        True


B.        False


C.        Situation dependent


8.            WAN stands For


A.        Wide Area Network





Wired Area Network


C.        While Area Network


D.       Whole Area Network


9.            There are                       method(s) of Linux installation


A.        6


B.        2


C.        1


D.       7


10.  MS Excel is a(an)


A.        Application Software


B.        Operating System


C.        Editor


D.       Package