How you get rid of your work.

Months ago, you booked the holiday.

You have a lot of sense to go away, to rest and be in a different environment. 

These are the last weeks before the holiday; Deadlines come in view, customer questions pile up, problems seem to be right now, so you draw a huge final print to complete everything for the holiday.

Evenings and weekends offer you for this. The final print seems like a marathon. And then arrange everything at home. By the time you go on holiday, the stress is well built and the work is not finished.

Just bring your laptop to finish the last thing. And so you stay connected with your work and your team.

At last you’re in the holiday destination … you get tremendous headache, are you ill for a week or you can only stumble in the first days, alternating with checking emails. This seriously annoys your children and / or love. Recognizable?


Can we actually go for a relaxing holiday? With the arrival of smartphones and tablets, we are available 24/7 and online. Disconnecting? No way! While scientific research is clear; Holiday is crucial for rest, recovery and for business from a different perspective.

Still, many people who continue to work while vacation are good at their overall performance. 
The problem is actually that we do not deal adequately with work as a vacation.

When you get an important job at work, make a plan, define your clear roles and responsibilities, book your time in the agenda, and consult with all those involved. With the holiday in sight, many people focus on the to-do list alone; Everything has to be done before the holiday.

A personal preparation for the holiday is not part of this to-do list. Also, not how to relax after a while or how to make your team work well when you’re away.

Due to the increasing stress to get the job done, you can not distinguish between main and affairs. As a result, you keep popping up so you’re on holiday. And so you actually manage the Return-On-Investment (ROI) of your vacation badly.

How can you prepare for your vacation? And yet do your work sufficiently? Is a digital detox really needed during your vacation? If you want to stay connected, what can you do best? 
What works for your particular situation?

Three tips for a laid back vacation 

  • Take a look at what arrangements you can make after the vacation, instead of stopping everything for your holiday stressed.
  • Take 2 days off before you leave with a holiday to prepare, rest and take your suitcase. That’s how no one spans your family and you do not. 
    Rather spend less time at your holiday address and then enjoy the most. Do not work until the last day to get into a car or airplane. That’s a guarantee of headache or quarreling with you sweetheart.
  • Consider a digital detox; No computers and continuous smartphones. Make arrangements with your loved ones, family or traveling companions how much time you want to spend digitally during your vacation. Do you experience your vacation at the moment yourself or by posting photos on Facebook.