1. Physicians and Surgeons

(Salary approximately 94 to 153 thousand dollars). As the population increases, there will be a greater need to hire more doctors to meet demand.

2. Software Application Engineers

(Approximate salary of 94 thousand dollars). One of the most profitable occupations for the future is engineering applications and other software, since mobile communication and the 2.0 world will prevail.

3. Management Analysts

(Approximate salary of 78 thousand dollars). According to the study, this profession will grow by 24%, as more companies will want to enter the market.

4. Computer Systems Analysts

(Salary approximately 77 thousand dollars). These analysts build and manage the information networks for the exchange of files and the communication of the companies, important value that every organization requests.

5. Civil Engineers

(Approximate salary of 77 thousand dollars). It is expected to grow 25% for this race, because this type of engineering is the most related to population growth.

6. Dental Hygienists

(Approximate salary of 68 thousand dollars). The demand for dental services will grow, like civil engineers, by the demographic increase.

7. Personal Financial Advisers

(Salary approximately 64 thousand dollars). Hiring a consultant of this type is no longer a matter for companies, and in the future these advisories will increase as more people want to control their finances better.

8. Nurses

(Salary approximately 64 thousand dollars). They are responsible for providing long-term care. According to the BLS, its growth will be driven by technological advances in patient care.

9. Accountants/Auditors

(Salary approximately 61 thousand dollars). The larger the population, the more companies will be created and these need an accountant to manage their books, pay taxes, among other functions.

10. Research Analyst

(Salary approximately 60 thousand dollars). These people work with large companies to provide them with demographic and target audience information.