Killing you inside, again five minutes late.

Strange because you had this morning your alarm clock for another half an hour so you had extra time. 

You went well under the shower, then checked the clock and saw that you had enough time left. But suddenly it’s over and it’s much later than you’d estimated. Suddenly, you only have five minutes to do the last thing while always doing it for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

And so I always clean the door with my bag and my coat behind me, thinking about what I might have forgotten. Like me, this is a standard concept for many people.

How much preparation time we have, we always get short of last time, so we always get five minutes late. Not very late, but always a little bit (and sometimes a little more). And even if we do not find it at all, it’s happening. And it has been happening for years.

I have given myself the hope that it will get better and I will just celebrate each time if I can manage to leave and be on time.

Diana DeLonzor confirms that thought because says:  “Most people who come too late always come. A lot of research has been done and it seems that the people who have “programmed” and that are deeply rooted in the brain are “late.”

And actually we are very nice. That’s the good news!

We are optimistic

People who arrive late are optimistic. They believe that they can stop more tasks in that particular time than possible. That’s trying to get as much as possible from that time. That is an optimistic attitude.

Scientific research has shown that optimistic people are often happier and experience less stress. People who are happy are often more productive at work, more creative and work better together.

We have an eye for the great whole

In addition, another research has shown that people who always get something late are just a bit more relaxed. They are calmer and do not focus on the little things that do not really matter. No, they look at the big picture. The future that is full of possibilities and so much to offer.

We are enjoying the moment

Time is relative. We do things in our own way. In Germany punctuality is very important. In Spain, mañana is also good. In the Netherlands, it was always quite normal to get on time, but yes, that may change over the years, as this few minutes is too late is not a huge problem in most cases.

And … in those few minutes, people who arrived late have just enjoyed the activity for it or even took the trouble to say hello to the neighbor who just returned from a vacation or another sun.

If you’re just watching your watch, forget to enjoy it. Therefore, I do not have any watch anymore (haha).

So let’s appreciate the latecomers and our positive points especially. We are really nice and it has nothing to do with you. Life just leads us off too much, and if we do not get busy again, life will only be very nice.