This is the most appealing timely post these days. Most of the times many people sitting in a conference and complain about the issues they are experiencing.

Mentioned beneath are few of the suggestions to save your bad time at a conference:

  • Network:

Take your time and try to know various people during the break. Request somebody which you think on the same boat like you and request them to have some coffee. Interact with them regarding their work. Pretend in a manner that you are a journalist and pen it down. In this way try to grow your network effectively and meet new people.

  • Tweet:

Open twitter and just follow the hashtag of the conference. Try to see what other are saying about this. Follow the main theme of the conference tweets. If you find others are also unhappy, then find a good place and have your own different session of conference in the eating areas or lobby.

  • Take pictures:

This is the most effective way to meet and communicate with people. If you have a camera, do some interviews and click pictures. People always have the desire to become the main headline of the blog post. They may share some of the great information. You can’t use the footage or pictures but you may definitely learn something new and beneficial from somebody else you interact with. This is the very easy and popular way to interact with different types of people.

  • Leave:

Time and money are precious. If you think, you’ve something better to do, then leave the conference and try to complete those things. If you are going to the conference, then take your time to explore different things of the place. Learn about the new place you are going to visit. Take enough time to get the projects, calls, emails, blog posts. This is the high time you have caught for yourself. Might bode well to get the most from it in different ways.

  • Feedback:

Do not forget to provide the organizers an honest feedback about the conference and also tell the ways how to make this conference better in future. Also, pen down the negatives of the conference. This might be difficult, but it’s the best way to provide feedback. The organizers always try to give everybody the best ever experience they face. Only by getting polite, honest, feedback can make the desired changes in the near future. Motivate other people who are not taking an interest in the conference to perform the same.

To conclude, you can save yourself by just keeping above mentioned points in your mind. You might need to consider what you likely to get from the conference and what its shortfalls are. Did you get too much? Whether the conference meets the advertised promises? Is the stuff provided to you are relevant and knowledgeable or too basic to your needs? Are you having a worse day? Taking your time and recognize the cause and it will help you in avoiding the same bad time in your future conferences.