Can you handle your private business at work?

During office hours, you often have the best opportunity to arrange your private paper bags and (overdue) payments.  

The time in which it happens most often is in the mornings. But also in the afternoon, one is still quite active with private business.

There are plenty of other things that you can ask yourself about whether to unpack you when you’re at work.

Reason for resignation?

  • For example, can you be fired if you take a smoking break too often?
  • Does not your work surfing on the internet?
  • To take a whirlwind a toilet visit?
  • Private calling?
  • Remains hanging in the coffee corner?

Too often a smoking break is, at this time of anti-smoking campaigns, often a thorn in the eyes of non-smokers. The reasoned comment is always: Do you know how much time you lose a day with smoking? Definitely one and a half hours a day! If you continue your break, then it will compensate. 

Of course, they are true, but I would like to do something else in their place at the same time. 
The employer can ban smoking and do it, yes, there is a good reason for dismissal. You withdraw from the company’s rules.

Unrelated to your work browsing the internet is also a reason for dismissal. Whenever you visit sex sites. As far as known, most companies have already blocked these sites.

Here too, it is difficult for an employer to check how often and where you are surfing. 
Usually the IT department is turned on to search for it. Whether it is a good reason for dismissal depends on the employer.

To go to the toilet too often can never be a reason for dismissal, provided it is abused. 
Your toilet visit can be a medical issue. But there are always people who use an emergency visit as an excuse to walk along a colleague for a short while to chat. 

Also the toilet room itself is often a meeting place for a fun chat. It is therefore an employer so difficult to determine for what reason you often go that way. He can appeal to you and ask for the reason. If it’s not medical, it’s up to him what measures he will take.

Private calling is usually not such a point, as long as it is not a few hours a day and certainly when you disturb your immediate environment. It is often the colleagues who make a point here because the employer can not really see if you are working now or not. 

If a notice is made, it is again the employer what he does with this.

Staying in the coffee corner is also done by a lot, but that does not have to be because it’s about foolish dolphins. Often this place is used to convey information and know-how regarding the company. Also here, of course, abuse can be made.

What is being seen as a real mistake?

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to be able to dismiss you, and usually that is the case. 
The most common reasons are:

  • Repeated absence without good reason.
  • Disobedience.
  • Theft, eclipse and fraud.
  • Aggression, violence and insults.
  • To engage in a competitive activity.
  • Drunkenness.
  • Sexual harassment.

Finally, why should we make it so difficult now? Adapt to the company’s working culture. 
You can squeeze in your hands today if you have another job!

And if you want to go your own way, you can better start something for yourself, so you do not have to account for anyone.