Children are often asked what they want to become later. For me, that was a toddler lady. I did not get a kindergarten but group leader for children with development problems.

‘What do you want to be later’ is still a classic question for children. It suggests that you have to become something that you are not, that it is not enough to be who you are and to develop. 

After my first job, I was “something different” every 5 years: family supervisor, coordinator, director and HRM manager. If I could work with people directly, I was in my element, but in the jobs in which I had to give guidance, I had much less fun.

A single career step really failed and led to a burnout. Like many people, I never asked myself what I really was really good at and what really suited me. Until 2002 I took the time to take a close look at myself.

Enter your talents

During this process, I assisted me by a coach of a career agency with the motto ‘undertake your talents and find your destination.’ That sounded good. My coach helped me to discover more about who I was as a person. There was an inner knowing that others continued to help in their career ‘my destination’.

Because I kept hesitating, my coach encouraged me to ask a few loved ones what I meant to them when they were in a difficult phase of their lives. Their feedback was surprising.

What was the most natural way for me was experienced by them as a special one. That struck me and confirmed that I had something else to offer, not to be anything but to be who I was and to do what I do by nature.

Many of my career practice clients are also amazed when they discover that the way they do the things is so different than others do. But when it comes to everyone, everybody works best in her way – as the bird is barked – for in freedom you do the things you are, from your natural talents and motives.

Talent play coaching

My clients for Talentenspelcoaching also often experience this process. First, recognizing their special talents, than their ever-increasing experience in working and private life, then discovering that this is apparent as to what it is all about. Develop your natural talents and bring them out. Also the talents you just discovered or forgotten a time.

One of my clients wrote it as follows: “I always had the idea that I had to be someone I was not trying to adjust, to become like my colleagues. It’s very nice to find out that I may be who I am. But also that I do not have to be like the others. Each one’s own talents, in his own strength, 
we complement each other well. “

Reflect on others

We often tend to mirror and adapt to others, while we rarely realize how much others can reflect on us. We can all make the difference simply by being ourselves. You are already a full person, with an inner treasure of talents and a personal ideal that makes the world a bit more beautiful.

If what you do in the field of work comes from inside you are yourself. You are working with fun and becomes a mirror for others. Not by inviting them to become like you, but by showing that we have everything in our minds to rise above ourselves.

It would be a shame if you should say at the end of your life at the sky gate: “I’m sorry I did not become Einstein,” because Peter will answer, “Einstein we already have, but why did not you become yourself ‘?

Comment? I like to read how you think about it. Are you yourself at work or are you mainly your job? Do you ever imagine what you are good at? And if so, what makes you talented? When are you in your element?